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Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC is focused on client needs in three main areas: Health, Wealth, and Life insurance. These three areas fall under the regulation of the Texas Department of Insurance as Health insurance, Life Insurance and Annuity.

Our goal is simple: to treat every client (no matter how large or how small) to the very best of our ability; the exact same way we want to be treated.  Exceptional policyholder service is essential and our relationship with our clients' is what sets us apart. We work hard to find the perfect product for each client at the best rates available. We are an independent agency so we can offer each client multiple choices to best suit their needs. Knowledge is power and education is the key to knowledge. We do our best to educate each client on their available options and allow the client to decide what’s best for their particular situation. Our clients benefit from our service free of charge. The client pays the same amount to use our services as they would if they dealt directly with the insurance company.


Rick Hood

General Manager

Health, Life & Annuity Agent

Veterans Benefits Consultant



                  Charter Member ElderCare Matters Alliance

Rick Hood is a third generation native Texan who has helped individuals plan for retirement and long term care in San Antonio and South Texas since 1995. For over 17 years he also worked with the top professionals in the industry at TEX-X’s Retirement Services, Ltd. As General Manager of Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC, & together with the attorneys, CPA's and other professionals at The Professional Services Group, he currently assists families by preserving assets through proper healthcare acquisition,  tax reduction, retirement income planning and risk management using long term care insurance, life insurance and annuities.  Rick is proud to assist clients in achieving their long term goals through proper planning. An intricate part of retirement planning is preparing for long term care needs. The problem is best addressed by planning ahead of time. However, much of the time he is also able to provide information and assist individuals that are in crises and currently receiving long term care. Rick is a member of the National Care Planning Council and a Charter Member of the ElderCare Matters Alliance.  He works closely with accredited attorneys throughout the United States that are familiar with Elder Law, Veterans benefits and Medicaid planning.  As a Veterans Benefit Consultant, he routinely collaborates with the network of Attorneys and CPA’s  so they are sure to provide the best recommendations and quality of service for the client.  All service to veterans is always provided free of charge out of gratitude for their service to our great nation.  Whether you served your country or an industry, give Rick Hood, Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC, and The Professional Services Group a chance to serve you.

Many people feel that long term care will never happen to them, and they may be right. However, retirement planning must address the question:  What if it does happen to me?  As indicated above, the problem is easily handled by planning ahead. Depending on each client’s individual situation, Tri-Tex and The Professional Services Group can help by utilizing one or more of the following vehicles for a solution:

  •  Long term care insurance, 
  •  Multi-linked benefit insurance, 
  •  Annuities & income planning,
  •  Medicaid, or 
  •  Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit.

Find out more at: www.texltc.com



Robin Patnode

Robin "Radar" Patnode

Operations Manager 


Robin Patnode was born in Michigan, moved to Florida at 14, and then found her home in Texas at age 27 in 1986. After initially coming to San Antonio, Robin owned and operated a real estate agency for 12+ years. Her father was Executive VP for Merrill Lynch out of New York.  Having been raised around the financial industry, it was only a matter of time until she realized that helping clients achieve their financial goals toward retirement was where she needed to be. Therefore she began working in the insurance business in 2004 specifically in the areas of: life insurance, health insurance, and annuity. During her insurance career she worked at two prominent multi-million dollar insurance agencies in San Antonio prior to assisting with the formation of Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC.  
As Operations Manager for Tri-Tex Insurance Agency, LLC, Robin works closely with the Agents, Brokers, CPA’s and Attorney’s at Professional Services Group. She provides day to day communications with clients, agents and the network partners to facilitate production and assure client satisfaction is as close to perfect as possible. Robin is a caring advisor, dedicated to working with the team to build financially secure plans focused on each clients specific needs.  After learning their personal goals, Robin always works to build long lasting relationships with the clients and their families. Robin believes that personalized service is essenitial and a secure plan must reflect each clients personal sitution; it must be comfortable as well as flexable.  Understanding  clients and their different stages of life leading up to and beyond retirement is essential. Everyone’s economic and life situation is as unique, as is their overall plan. Reviewing plans that are already in place on an annual basis is also an integral part of the business. By conducting annual reviews, Robin works with current clients and their existing plans to help them fully understand and remember what they previously put in place.  This also helps to reveal any potential changes that may need to be considered. This ultimately helps to make each clients’ “Family Wishes” available to each surviving family member. 
Over the years, Robin has developed an uncanney knack for extra-sensory perception as well as exceptional hearing under certain circumstances. In many situations, this gives her an ability to know what is going on in real-time, or seemingly ahead of time. Years ago, this unusual ability earned her the nick-name of “Radar” in the business (Named after Radar O’Reily in the movie and hit TV series MASH). 



As insurance professionals, we offer a full portfolio of high-quality insurance products including health, life, annuity, long-term care, disability and critical illness products. We assist you by reviewing your current and future needs and recommending the many ways insurance may provide the protection and safety you need for yourself and your loved ones.

We are not just a typical insurance agency.  We offer our services to clients primarily through our network of professionals and referrals from our existing clients. Our intention is to educate our clients on their available options in any given circumstance and allow them to decide what path best suits their needs. By always placing our clients needs first, we hope to achieve a higher level of ethical standard and professionalism.    

In addition to our independent agents, we are proud to offer our clients the services of our professional partners known as The Professional Services Group:



To ensure that our clients receive the best services possible, we have strategically aligned ourselves with three of the best full service law firms in the state.  

  "In the Multitude of Counsel There is Safety" 

For expertise in Estate Preservation and Trust planning, our clients utilize the services of: 

Jacobson Law Firm, P.C.


Dana D. Jacobson
Attorney at Law
Trusts - Wills - Statutory Documents - Directives
Jacobson Law Firm, P.C. 
Merrill Plaza, Suite 201
6391 De Zavala Rd
San Antonio, TX 78249  
(210) 341-1333



For legal issues involving Elder Law, Veterans Benefits, & Medicaid, our clients utilize the services of The Marquardt Law Firm.

Marquardt Law Firm Group Photo


Marquardt Law Firm focuses on Business and Estate Law in Texas and New Mexico. Marquardt Law Firm would like to help you plan in advance before something bad happens. At Marquardt Law Firm, we anticipate the unexpected and plan for the unknown by establishing legally enforceable plans to reduce future conflict.

Principal Location:
15600 San Pedro Ave., Ste 100
San Antonio, TX 78232
Phone (210) 530-4278
Fax (210) 247-9396

For more advanced tax planning and complex business structures, our clients utilize the services of David Groce at the Groce Law Firm, Ltd.  The Groce Law Firm, Ltd., is a boutique law firm which develops solutions to help successful Americans realize their goals. Through a focus on estate, tax, and business planning we work with our clients on big-picture solutions to help them MAXIMIZE WEALTH, MINIMIZE TAXES, AND CARE FOR THEIR LOVED ONES®. 

  Groce Law Firm, Ltd.


J. David Groce
Attorney at Law - Master of Tax
Groce Law Firm, Ltd.
 1060 W. Pipeline Road, Suite 110
Hurst, TX 76053
(817) 284-4747

The Groce Law Firm, Ltd, combines technical expertise with Christian morals to provide an unrivaled degree of proficiency and customer service. 


In order to provide complete professional service in all areas, we encourage our clients to utilize the services of  one of our many Enrolled Agents or Certified Public Accountants.  By incorporating other professionals, we are able to provide a system of "Checks and Balances" not commonly found in our business environment today.  



Welby Wood, Raymond Sabatino & John Sabatino
Certified Public Accountants
 16350 Blanco Rd., Suite 101
San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 735-1558



Michelle Cahill, CPA
The Tax Lady
Federal and State Tax Return Preparation
(210) 367-2103


Money Managers

No plan is complete without consulting a sound financial adviser and a broker.   For the benefit of our clients, we commonly recommend the use of one of the following firms to assist in achieving their long term financial goals:



Guy Charles Conger

  Money Manager, Accountant &

Fee Based Financial Consultant

 (210) 561-9333

Please call us if you have any questions about our firm or the range of financial products and services we provide. Our firm has a relationship with a variety of financial services companies, so if we don’t have a product or service, we know a group that does.




                                                       Bryan Rigg

Bryan Rigg at RIGG Wealth Management, LLC:

My company, RIGG Wealth Management, LLC, clears through the Institutional Wealth Services of Fidelity (IWS). I started this company in December 2008.  In October 2012, I elected to expand my practice, not only adding products and services, but the support, training and knowledge of another SEC registered investment adviser, Investment Advisors Corporation (IAC) out of Des Moines, IA.  With Fidelity’s and IAC’s help, my company can provide you with truly client-based, customer-service focused wealth management and investment services centralizing all your assets through Fidelity’s IWS.  I enjoy helping families build a strong financial future so the more information and statements you are willing to share with me about your current situation, the better I can service and develop a plan to help you meet your retirement dreams and goals.  

Bryan Mark Rigg, PhD
Rigg Wealth Management, LLC
5001 Spring Valley Rd.
Suite 400 East
Dallas, TX 75244
Tel. 972-383-1210
Fax 972-383-1215
Email BRigg@RiggWealthManagement.com
Advisory services offered through Investment Advisors Corp., an SEC registered investment adviser. Securities offered through Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp., Member FINRA & SIPC. 


"In the Multitude of Counsel There is Safety"